rehoming mum's finest

A community project for COVID-19

 It's more than a month into this weird new normal of house-bound working from home; online screen time for all social and fitness needs; and re-embracing long-form letter writing… even if it *is* slower, sorer and more expensive than email. 

And six months since Mum died. But I feel like the stars have aligned and life is topsy-turvy, in a good way. I'm living back at our family house in the country, but now I have no caregiving responsibilities, just all the time in the world (i.e. no commute to work; no weekend plans beyond the front gate) to go through stuff. 

'Slow' decluttering with emotional investment

 'Mindful sorting' is what I call it - or ‘slow’ decluttering. It's more haphazard and time consuming than going full Marie Kondo, and more environmentally friendly too. We don’t have the bin space, nor do charity shops (they’re all shut); so everything’s being whittled down and repurposed, or neatly boxed up with various destination labels on them. 


After many attempts at clearing out the things I can't use (/wear), I'm finally ready to move on Mum’s good stuff. Leather belts, shoes, gloves. Silk-lined, fur-lined, hand-stitched, re-soled, having been safely stored for years (sometimes decades!) in fabric bags or plastic sleeves. With no chance of a garage sale or family get together anytime soon, I’ve put some goods online to give everyone the chance to rehome something.

So... How this will work?

  • I post photos of the item with details of size and condition, and nominate the minimum cost for packing and posting to you. Each item is a single blog post, scroll through on Home.
  • You comment to reserve your interest. I'll confirm it's yours, then you can transfer in PayPal to (and include your postal address).
  • I post your order via Australia Post standard mail, you get excited about receiving a parcel sometime soon - an exclamation mark in the monotony of workdays from home.
  • If you receive your item and it doesn't fit or you’ve had a change of heart, share the love and pass it on to someone else who might appreciate (TL;DR - there's no returns or refunds policy here.)

If you’d like to support this project by donating on top of the postage fee, I’ll give additional funds to Parkinson's Victoria (or feel free to nominate another charity that's close to your heart).